11 Jun 2014

Design stores doubling as co-working spaces

Konzepp is a concept store in Hong Kong, designed and co-founded by Geoff Tsui.

This design store is cutting edge with it's Pantone coloured facade and counter. A striking contrast to the natural materials and stark white shelves.

Konzepp is a communal space that mixes elements of a boutique, café, workspace and events venue. A large table provides an area for people to work, collaborate and share their ideas.

From Designer, Geoff Tsui, about the space:

The sculpted facade is a parametric shape that forms a futuristic arch which I was hoping to encourage passerby’s to notice and think out of the box! The criss-crossing steel bars are structural supports for the shelves (representing a) crossing over of different creative disciplines and encouragement of collaborations. It’s a space that we hope could really allow the people to express themselves and hang out!

This space is basically a retail store selling everything from Homewares to Fashion from new Asian designers, the main architecture of the space is designed to not only symbolize emergent ideas, but display a continuous turnover of items and products that can change from week to week.

A totally off target question - I wonder how this goes with making sales. Does it enhance it or not?

Very interesting, I love the colour scheme and the concept!


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24 May 2014


We have moved the blog to a bigger and better platform, and housed it with our new website.

Please update your bookmarks, bloglovin', feeder and all the like to the new address;


We will no longer be posting to this blog address.


23 May 2014


If you hadn't seen already, we had a slight change made to HQ to make the joint a little less HEY GALS, and more like, WELCOME ONE + ALL. And although we have been welcoming new peeps, today we say see you soon to our intern Sam. Our token American { so cultural we are } is venturing back to her homeland soon . . . just as we were getting used to her working her arse off for us. The bar has been set for you future interns out there. I don't know what she expected to get out of working with us { a bunch of crazies ? }, but we have been blown away with her energy, enthusiasm and quickness of exclaiming "Done. What can I do next?". You will be missed, girlfriend! And we will welcome you back when you return to NZ. 


And what better to celebrate awesomeness all round then going out for a drink and staying at a Circus in Austria. Museumsquarter is another 25 Hotels space - boy oh boy, these men know what they are doing! 

Located in the shopping hub of Neubaugasse, this area is known for attracting the young, liberal and creative bunch of the social scene.

Inspired by the city’s Opera, Life Ball, Prater and countless music and theater stages, the hotel’s design is organically distinctive. It creates a fantastical world of circus, spectacle and extravagance, 
with just a touch of madness. " - DESIGN HOTELS

The bold colors, captivating illustrations on the wall, 
eccentric touches and informal visit-your-friends vibe aren’t for everybody. 
But the lively lobby/lounge and the rooftop Dachboden bar with the best views of 
Vienna is definitely popular with the locals night and day, 
and an easy way to get to know some hip insiders. " - DESIGN HOTELS


* FYI The American Nightmare is the name of the drink and does not describe Sam. 

22 May 2014


It is a crush with Art Deco that has been brought back to live due to the beautiful and inspiring set design of Great Gatsby! The movie may have also rekindled a crush with a certain celebrity! 

There is something about the geometry, beauty, texture, energy and lighting that catches my eye every time! Check out some divine and elegant Art Deco environments I absolutely love:  

 Love that there is no rules to mixing patterns and textures, more the better! Marble, gold triangles or straight lines!

So if Leonardo comes to town girls be sure to have your glamour shoes ready! 

Bridget x

21 May 2014


In celebration of their first birthday, we realised we didn't pop up this bright beauty when the shots came through. The Hauraki Store, a cafe over the bridge, came to us wanting a Melbourne-esque design with a conscious budget in mind. And a custom coloured coffee machine was at the top of the list.


20 May 2014


Today we explore the world of  Hotel & Hospitality to find interesting spaces that bring you layers of beauty - natural or glamorous - drawing from inspiration from all around  the world from Amsterdam,  New York, London and Tulsa, OK. All these spaces provide multi-functional uses and explore layers of materiality that reward us with a unique spatial experience. 

Check out this incredible and fabulous hotel in Amsterdam: 

Contrasting to the elaborate hotel above, is this little beauty Made Market in New York by ICrave offering more than just a kitchen and cafe, the space offers dinner/Catering/Self service and dwelling functions. The space has a simplistic palette using materials, raw, natural that is warm and inviting, right down to the well considered branding of a handmade looking graphics.

Another raw and lively asian inspired hospitality space is 'The General', an experience that is rich in colour,taste, mood, texture and atmosphere! 

Something a little bit more down to earth is The good life in London! Plenty of exposed brick, raw timber finishes, industrial steel! Showing nothing but the true bones of this historical beauty.  

If your are looking for inspiration that is a little bit more polished but still offers that industrial, timber flavour check out little beet again by Icrave design.  It uses playful layers of nature at its best. 

Bridget & Sam!