17 Jan 2012

Stick to singing.... Mariah Carey's bath design?

I don't usually try to have a negative opinion about design....

Mariah Carey, singer has turned bath designer?

"Mariah Carey made an announcement today that she will be starting a new career. she will now be a bathtub designer. though she knows nothing about plumbing, porcelian or making a mosaic design she does know that if a shoe were like, three times the size it is now, you could totally take a bath in it." http://billsshoesbooze.com

I love shoes, crazy about them in fact but this is just terrible! There is nothing nice about the shape or design or anything.

I love your singing, you've got a great voice Mariah but I'm sorry I'm not a fan of your bath designs....



Anonymous said...

lol thats just too funny. Not sure it would suit my bathroom!

Oliver from Protech said...
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